O U R   S T O R Y

Hello Madison Park,


Luigi DeNunzio a well known and loved chef from Brindisi, Italy who has personally fueled a resurgence of Italian cuisine in the Pioneer Square area has been branching out.  After training under him and his endless pool of talented chefs for the past ten years, Robert and I were given the opportunity to open a restaurant in collaboration with Luigi in the beautiful Madison Park. In what used to be a Pizza Hut we have built our own intimate and beautiful little space to cook and create the things we love and hope you will to.

With an endless source of recipes and culinary ideas to be found within Italian culture we have the chance to change and update menus to stay seasonal and current with the available products and fresh creative ideas. Together with Luigi,  Robert, and my wonderful family and friends I hope we can fill an much needed role in our new neighborhood. The food at Aglio e Olio (which translates to garlic and oil by the way) will be simply delicious, unpretentious, and honest rustic italian.